Bring Your Own Battery

When the Getty Center opened in 1997, it featured a dedicated room to provide digital access to the collection. Along with other museums, there was a perceived need to provide comprehensive¬†access to the collection via a touchscreen kiosk, which it did in this room and in other locations around the galleries. At the time it was something that folks couldn’t do at home, now they can. Ergo, the Getty Guide Room is no more.

Dedicated Getty Guide Room

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Miranda Rights 2.0

Views are mine.
Thoughts are my own.
Anything I say has nothing to do with my institution.

These are the CYA clauses for today’s museum technologist, distancing themselves from the possibility of repercussions should they inadvertently say something that their museum doesn’t agree with. They are Miranda Rights for the digital age:

“You have the right not to tweet or blog. Anything you tweet or blog can and will be used against you.”

“You have the right not to Facebook. Anything you do Facebook can and will be used against you at your next job interview.”

“You have the right not to over-inflate your LinkedIn resume. Anything you do post to your LinkedIn resume can and will be blindly endorsed by your connections.”

“You have the right to a Wikipedian. If you cannot afford a Wikipedian, one will be appointed for you.”

How I wish that last one was true…