Museum Trophy Wives

Sorry to disappoint, but this is not a post about the dalliances of museum directors. I’ll admit that would be a great one and I’ll do some research, in the meantime you can do worse than read Holly Witchey’s excellent Cocktail at the Museum: A Museums Matter Mystery, for insight into the shenanigans that go on in museums.

As the lessons of the Getty Foundation’s five-year Online Scholarly Catalog Initiative (OSCI) come to bear, with a toolkit developed by IMALab and delivered online scholarly publications from AIC, LACMA, SAM, SFMOMA and Tate, the number one lesson institutions should learn is that print and digital are a marriage not a divorce. Unfortunately, this is a rocky marriage, it’s increasingly harder to see who the breadwinner is, and print is being raised (or lowered depending on your viewpoint) to trophy-wife status: costly and only trotted out for special occasions.

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